Factory Best Selling 600W LED Grow Light

 Product Parameters ItemParameterItemParameterSize420*345*80mmPower120*3WInput VoltageAC85-265VLumen0.5m/1160Working Environment-20°-40°Lifetime50000/hoursWorking Current630mAColorChangeableWorking Frequency50-60hzIrradiation Area3~17m2/1~2mInternal Dimension (420*345*80mm )Ne

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 Product Parameters
Factory Best Selling 600W LED Grow Light for Medical Plants
Input VoltageAC85-265VLumen0.5m/1160
Working Environment-20°-40°Lifetime50000/hours
Working Current630mAColorChangeable
Working Frequency50-60hzIrradiation Area3~17m2/1~2m
Internal Dimension (420*345*80mm )Net Weight( kg/piece)7.65kg /piece
Outer Box Package1pieces/CartonGross Weight( kg/carton)8.5kg/carton

 The characteristics of  WEIXINLI  5W led grow light 
1. 600 w (120 * 5 w) LED grow light can replace 3 to 5 times the power of high pressure sodium lamp, saving 80% of its electricity
 2. 5 w high power LED as light source. compared with the ordinary LED plant growth light on the market, the color more even, luminous efficiency is higher.
3.Lifetime more than 50000 hours.
4.The ratio of the different light can be specified by the customer, we suggest is (red:blue) 3:1and9:1 ,red. Blue. Orange. White. Yellow light available to plants.
5.LED wavelength can be specified by the customer, we suggest that the red light wavelengths using 620-630 nm and 640-660 nm, blue light wavelength using 450-460 nm and 460-470 - nm. Red light promote the plant germination, flowering, blu-ray promote plant growth, you can choose more suitable wavelength and color ratio to promote the growth of plants.
6.Built-in fan can solved the heat dissipation problem
7.The built-in power supply with CE certification, no other equipment configuration, simple and safe plug directly access AC85V ~ 264 v voltage, don't need mirror and ballast
8.It is suitable for various stages of plant growth, and indoor garden, water solution cultivation and soil cultivation plants work very well
9.The exposure area and height of lamp according to different plants and the environment will change accordingly, and technical parameters will change too
10.All materials conform to the requirements of environmental protection, do not contain mercury and other harmful heavy metal material
Factory Best Selling 600W LED Grow Light for Medical Plants

Factory Best Selling 600W LED Grow Light for Medical Plants
Factory Best Selling 600W LED Grow Light for Medical Plants
Factory Best Selling 600W LED Grow Light for Medical Plants

Q : How do choose the best ratio ?
A : For vegetative stage we suggest red and blue ratio is 2:7.
For flowering stage we suggest red and blue ratio is 7:2.
For fruiting stage we suggest red blue orange ratio is 7:1:1.
After many years repeated experiment, our factory has refined 7 bands wavelengths:460nm(Blue),630nm/660nm(Red),610nm(orange),730nm(Infrared),410nm(Ultraviolet),14000K(White).Red color for flowering stage , blue color is good for leaves growth stage. Orange color is good for fruiting ,This 7 bands full spectrum used in the Grow Light contains the most efficient and proven
wavelengths for Growth & flowering.
Q : What Place will use this is light ?  
A : Hydroponic, gardening, Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding, Seedling, Breeding, Farm, Flower Exhibition,
Garden, potted plants, etc.
1) Green House.
2) Seedlings and clones.
3) Primary plant lighting.
4) Supplemental plant lighting.
5) Common area planters - malls, lobbies, restaurants commercial buildings or anywhere that plants need more light.
Q : Why actual working power is less than chip power? Only 60%-70%?
A : To protect the LED chip, we turn down the current to drive the 3W LED chip at about 1.8-2.1W. If we take full use the 3W power, the brightness will only increase 10%, and negatively, the led working temperature will be much higher, which will reduce the life span.
Q : Does this light emit much heat?
A : LEDs are the most efficient lights in existence today. They produce so little heat; you can actually let the plant touch the light (although it's not recommended as you will reduce the size of your growing area). Any heat produced by the unit is absorbed by the heat sink and disippated by the fans in the rear of the light.


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